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Different to my usual read. A lovely book well and sensitively written. Hard to put it down once I started it ! Shows great friendships and mutual respect. Awaiting the follow up please !



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A story of sexual freedom
By Gill on 30 Aug. 2015
I have to say I enjoyed this book. It’s a very easy read, and once I started it, I wanted to keep on reading to find out what happened to the characters next. It covers many aspects of sexuality, but does it in a very tasteful way and leaves the reader in no doubt that everything was consented to. It’s a story of exploration, freedom and love and I emphasise the word ‘story’ as it definitely has one.

50 Shades of Wales

Well what can I say -we felt like film stars! We had been interviewed by Sharron at the Barry and District and she did a lovely piece for us, we shall be forever grateful….. But wow we never expected this, Wales Online got in touch ……what a whirlwind.

A lovely gent spoke to us on the phone and I must admit when I talk of Hook Up I can talk, I just get so excited and passionate about our book. He also arranged for a photo shoot to … that was something ! Sian and I met the photographer and he was charming. We laughed and laughed, had masses of photographs taken and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

It was not until the Sunday that we saw the result  – my oh my , 50 Shades of Wales, what a headline ! We were so surprised it was amazing and what made us really laugh was we were page three girls for a day …yes us two large middle class ladies on page three …. Well if nothing else that was just outstanding.

The Article:


Steamy! Jan Harvey and and Sian Jones have hooked up to write Hook Up

Meet the pals from Barry who are hoping to WHIP up a storm with their erotic novels set in – yes, you guessed it – Wales!

Fed up of mummy porn’ sensation 50 Shades of Grey not catering for women like them, the new writers decided to taken a leaf out of self-published author EL James’ book and put out their own.

Steamy, sexy and definitely not afraid to push boundaries while pinging off their characters’ buttons, Hook Up challenges stereotypical ideas about love and relationships.
Jan Harvey (right) and Sian Jones would like Dawn French to star in a film version of their book

And while it’s at it, help promote diversity and freedom of expression – or at least that’s what they want.

Harvey Jones – or more precisely Jan Harvey and 57-year-old carer Sian Jones from Barry – began writing in March last year just after Jan, 53, had devoured 50 Shades.

The retired school teacher was less than tickled with the antics of good-looking sadist Christian Grey and unworldly innocent Ana.

“I wasn’t that impressed to tell you the truth,” said Jan.

Christian Grey and Ana Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey movie

“Our book is more open to everyone as a learning curve for accepting people as they are.

“We’ve done a book about embracing life – after all, we don’t all like the same thing!

“If our book helps somebody out there to discover their own sexuality or gets people talking about issues, then it’s job done.”

Unlike gorgeous, youthful and lithe Ana in 50 Shades, the heroine of Hook Up is a lot more relatable to ladies of a certain age and size.

The story centres on Macy, a mature woman who discovers her partner is using a hook up website to meet other people.

So she also joins up see what he’s doing, only to meet young architect, Tobias.

Fifty Shades in pictures:

Like her, he’s on a “journey of discovery” and together they explore their fantasies and push their personal limits without worrying about what ‘normal’ society thinks and staying true to who they are – wobbly bits and all.

And the best bit? It’s all played out in the erotic surroundings off…. Wales!

Dip in, and you’ll find places you may recognise, such as Tenby, Southerndown and their native Barry Island.

Dawn French

So far, the authors have only sold 100 book on Amazon, but they’ve already started dreaming of a film adaptation – which is what happened to 50 Shades of Grey.

Jan said: “I can only pray that it could happen but I’d love it. I think it would make a great movie.

“We’d have to get Dawn French to play Macy.”

As for the future, Harvey Jones will be putting out a sequel called Legacies, which is due for release in November. The third and final part of the trilogy, Sirens, will be released next year.

Hook Up is published at £5.99 by Rowanvale and is available on Amazon

Click here and you will be taken to the full article and video featured on Wales Online.


This is something that every person on this planet strives for…to be accepted for who you are without being judged.

We all walk in our own shoes and not in anyone else’s so how can we presume to know what that particular person feels or what pain they are going through.

Throughouth our lives we will have changing personalities its how we grow its how we learn its what makes each and everyone unique and it certainly brings vitality colour and interest to our lives.

We all have the absolute right to be who we truely are without prejudice, to be free to live our lives happily and love whoever we love, its what life is about or at least this is what I believe.


A Trip to Newport Market!

Meeting new friends
Meeting new friends

After too many rainy August days it was great to have a sunny August morning to whizz along the M4 to meet two new friends who have supported us on Twitter as we’ve tried to publicise HookUp.

I lived in Newport as a teenager and used to meet my friends on the Market steps every Saturday morning – but that was many years ago and I was surprised by the modern entrance gracing the market now! I was going to meet Jon, of @thenewsagent, who had kindly agreed to stock a few copies of HookUp for us. We have got to know him quite well after all the retweets he has done for us on Twitter and it was great to meet him in person. He is a really friendly guy and we had a chat and a laugh in his bright and well-stocked shop – our books were soon up on the shelf!

I then went to say hello to another market trader who has followed us on Twitter, Naomi of @cakesandbakesE5 We had a great chat and I tried her scrummy cupcakes! After a few minutes along came Jon to take pics of us all – again we had a good laugh doing that!

So all in all a very pleasant and productive morning meeting genuine and interesting people who are happy to help others make a go of it.

I’m sure we’ll all meet up again! #hookedonhookup

Pride Cymru

Well what a glorious day the sun is out and there is excitement in the air for today is the day for Pride Cymru. Food tents music and plenty of information around to spread the word of ACCEPTANCE  for all.

Sian and l both support pride as we believe that everyone has a right to be just who they are no matter what,  you cannot help who top fall in love with, so if you do find that one person go for it, grab it with both hands and hold on tight and most of all enjoy it

REJECT  PREDUDICE   EMBRACE  HONESTY   CELEBRATE  FREEDOM. We thank Danny for wearing our pride T-shirt and hope he has a fabulous time and we also what to wish each and everyone out there a happy day.


Be proud of who you are and have a blast today and everyday love to all Harvey Jones #hookedonhookup


The Island

How amazing it is to see Barry Island in full swing , to see the rides at the fairground swirling around and flying high in the sky, bumpers cars bumping and the awesome sounds of laughter from children and adults alike – its just like it was years ago! Ice-creams in abundance, shop fronts with seating to enjoy a hot drink and meal, our favourite is The Coffee Cove which serves the most delicious coffee and all freshly made food.


Walking along the prom is just picturesque with lots of colourful flowers on display, the colourful huts for daytrippers to rent and the artistic designs of climbing facilities are well loved  as are the arcades especially on a rainy day.

The beach itself is full of sand for all those unbuilt sandcastles and kite flying , its so nice to see everyone enjoying themselves sunbathing, swimming and just generally having fun. Barry Island is certainly back on form and its just the place for Sian and I to get inspiration for our writing.


Have a great summer all, l love HarveyJones #hookedonhookup