True Story

Imagine this a beautiful hot sunny day at Forrest Fawr Caerphilly. We are sat in the car, our senses taking in the surroundings. First we breath in the warm air and smell the pungent aroma of fresh wild garlic which grows in abundance, then we hear the constant chattering and twittering of the wild birds and look at the brilliant greens of the trees that sway gently in the breeze. Finally the sun warms our skin as it comes through the treetops, it’s just idyllic. People are about walking children and dogs, its just the place to do some editing on Legacies…. Or so we thought….

image image

Sian is sat on her chair busy on her tablet as I ponder on our next story. We both have a mug of hot tea from the flask when a car pulls up and parks besides us. We think it’s another dog walker – oh how wrong we were ! – I hear a” huhum hum excuse me is this the dogging site?” I looked across saying “Excuse me?”

“Is this the dogging site? I was told it was.”

Well i looked at Sian who is crying with silent laughter and say, “Sorry no, there are plenty of people walking their dogs but not what your’re after.” He was quiet for a minute then said “You’ve  got to ask, don’t  know unless you ask!”

I replied, “Yes ….. Here have this as your obviosly into this sort of thing.” and I gave him a press realise for Hook Up. Well I thought any opportunity to promote! Just as i went to take a sip of tea he blurted out “Well are you up for it?” How I didn’t  laugh I will never know. I declined his offer and after another ten minutes he left and both Sian and myself collapsed in fits of laughter.

So the moral of our story is , ‘If you go down to the woods today be sure of a big surprise’ 😀   #hookedonhookupWordpress


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