Another Review!

A review of HookUp by Barbara Catchpole, Author

‘Hook-up’ is an adult novella in every sense of the word. For those of us, like Macy, unashamed of our age it is definitely X rated! It is not a novella about innocents discovering their sexuality but about adults exploring their sexuality and also trying to boldly go where few adults have been before, pushing back the boundaries of sensuality. The clandestine premise behind the storyline is that the relationship grows from an online hook up site. The male protagonist is unaware, however, when he first hits ‘send’ that he is sending himself into new territory where he will cross genders and roles and discover that there is still far more out there…

The storyline unashamedly driven by the main female character. She is larger than life in every way – a hedonist older woman who knows what she likes but also suspects there might be more things to be tried and she is unafraid to try them. She is a real woman – she has lived – she eats – she drinks – and she is ready to take control of her own enjoyment. She is also completely open-minded and accepting – not a petty bone in her generous body.

The overall message is that there should be no labels and whilst it is OK to be yourself if being yourself means you take life in both hands and celebrate being alive. OK, ‘Hook-up’ is an adult novella and it delivers everything (and a lot more) that the genre promises but it is also joyous and shameless and it is not over yet…..


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