Review by Senior Editor

A review of Hook Up by Sapphira White

Hook up is an erotic novel which is sure to set the bar a little higher and open up whole new avenues for the erotica genre. Its refresn-minded honesty and realism will surely captivate readers, pulling them into a world of sexual exploration, relationships and cheeky fun.
The characters in this story seem very real yet also intriguing in their thoughts and actions. Macy is a fifty-five year old voluptuous woman who is in search of a new lease of life after she finds her partner mercilessly using her for her inheritance — whilst simultaneously cheating on her on an online dating website. She ventures on a journey which forces her to re-discover herself and take on new, slightly unconventional views on sex and relationships. She makes use of the site her partner used and finds herself sought after by dozens of men.
After meeting up with young architect, Tobias, they go on a voyage of sexual discovery together. Things seem to go smoothly, with both partners finding out things about themselves and each other, entangled in bliss, pushing each other sexually and emotionally. Will they be able to keep up this lifestyle with no hassle? Or will their emotions and practicalities complicate matters?
This modern piece of erotica is told through a simple, snappy narrative and makes use of texts and dating websites to bring it right up to date and immerse readers in contemporary dating culture. The crisp clean narrative will surely give readers what they are after, with its no-nonsense exploration of the characters’ sexuality and, of course, the all-important sex scenes, shown with just the right amount of graphic detail.
Though the story is short and to the point, and may leave readers hungry for a little more, they may, more importantly, be left a little more open-minded than they were before, and more open to exploration with less inhibitions than they may have had previously. In short, readers are encouraged through this novel to be less judgmental of others, to be more accepting of people’s differences, and to embrace variety and diversity in life — for that is what make’s life so vibrant and exciting.

HOOK UP By Harvey Jones will be available on JUNE 30th ( Amazon, Rowanvale Books and book shops) AND THERE IS MORE TO COME ~~~~~~~LEGACIES , the sequel will be available from November


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