A Hook Up, like no other and will leave you sweating and gripped!
By Dan Woolford on 28 Jun. 2015
“Love and sexuality. Outrageously delicious and raw purity.”

Hook Up is a very different kind of story, a narrative celebrating adult sexuality. It’s spellbinding waves of pure eroticism, will leave you gripped, slipping and sliding on and on, chapter after chapter!

It sees an ageing Macy, urning for a bit of spice in her life, excluding the very often Indian takeaway ordered or exotic wine enjoyed; she’s to fill a void, destroyed by love of the past. A hole has to be filled (pardon the pun) and Mistress M is on a mission. After her search through the hook up site’s promiscuous suitors, she discovers a very eager Tobias – practically exploding with passion and begging for his fetish of a unique release. Together they both explore, with sexplosions to excite and bashing threesomes; a reader of Hook Up will most definitely be left, well hooked!

A must read; a raw (NO sugar coat) representation strips the character and leaves them beautifully naked; a story heartfelt and pulsing with firery passion whilst having emotions that are beautifully touching and pure.


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