The Island

How amazing it is to see Barry Island in full swing , to see the rides at the fairground swirling around and flying high in the sky, bumpers cars bumping and the awesome sounds of laughter from children and adults alike – its just like it was years ago! Ice-creams in abundance, shop fronts with seating to enjoy a hot drink and meal, our favourite is The Coffee Cove which serves the most delicious coffee and all freshly made food.


Walking along the prom is just picturesque with lots of colourful flowers on display, the colourful huts for daytrippers to rent and the artistic designs of climbing facilities are well loved  as are the arcades especially on a rainy day.

The beach itself is full of sand for all those unbuilt sandcastles and kite flying , its so nice to see everyone enjoying themselves sunbathing, swimming and just generally having fun. Barry Island is certainly back on form and its just the place for Sian and I to get inspiration for our writing.


Have a great summer all, l love HarveyJones #hookedonhookup



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