A Celebration of Love

On a beautiful early Autumn Saturday family and friends gathered at a glorious 17th century Manor House to celebrate a Diamond Wedding Anniversary. Buck’s Fizz was enjoyed by all in the lovely gardens which served as a perfect backdrop to some group photographs.

image        image

We were at Drybridge House in Monmouth and we all had a really lovely time with a delicious meal in the splendid dining hall. The anniversary couple cut a beautiful cake and their three sons all gave moving tributes to their parents. It was wonderful to see all the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren gathered round this lovely couple together with their bridesmaids and many dear friends.

The cake
The cake
The bride's dress from 60 years ago
The bride’s dress from 60 years ago
The couple and their bridesmaids!
The couple and their bridesmaids
All celebrating 60 years of Love
All celebrating 60 years of Love

Yes it was a lovely day celebrating a traditional marriage and it will be lovely to look back on the memories for a long time to come.

But essentially it was a celebration of LOVE.

As I was travelling home I was thinking how in these more enlightened times we could enjoy marking these anniversaries of all kinds of love between all kinds of couples – a silver, golden, diamond or even first anniversary of LOVE is worth celebrating and enjoying.

After all, we are who we are and we love who we love.




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