Winner either way

Our journey so far has been quite exciting from the book launch at the end  of June to now when we saw our book being read on a plane and on a sun soaked beach in Zante, Greece.


We are pleased with our many reviews – some fantastic ones, some not so good- but hey, we know we are not to everybody’s taste….what book is ? Life would be very dull if each and everyone of us liked or disliked the same things in life.


I now fully understand why an author craves for a review with mixed emotions because the feelings of pure joy and gratitude from a good review makes it all worth while,  as does the opposite feeling of total hurt and self doubt floor you when someone tells you that you are ‘rubbish’. Well to every author out there you are not rubbish  you,re a bloody star putting your name forward for critical comments, and believe me some people will try and knock you down, but just remember by the fact that they have done this they have actually bought and read your book so either way you, the author, are the winner.


God bless all you out there who are struggling to put your words on to paper; just  keep going, you are appreciated. I myself can’t wait to read new works so good luck to all.

And to all the great book readers out there please take a moment to leave a few kind words about the book even if it was not quite your cup of tea, happy reading everyone



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