Questions and Answers

Hi, we are Jan and Sian, you know us as Harvey Jones. We got together through the care system and became very good friends and together we like nothing more than to take Connie Jan’s dog for walks along the Welsh coastline and then indulge in a hot frothy coffee. On outings we have met a variety of wonderful people and some really quirky characters and have been asked a fair few questions so we shall try and answer a few now.


Question one…how did you come up with your characters in your book?

Well we wanted to try and give our readers  a chance to relate to each person in the book, so by having a large curvy woman, and an older woman at that, who is strong from all her years of experience we feel it gives the book a realistic look on life. The male lead is younger and we know some men do like the older woman. Tobias also has some unique fetishes which makes  for an interesting journey for them both. We felt that we wanted to show that no mater what size age colour gender or sexual preference its acceptable to be just you – no labels. Also we are not all rich, it would be nice if we were, we are just everyday normal people so to see a gardner and his wife  in a happy relationship with a few extra perks thrown in is just the norm , it’s just  not talked about .

Question two. Why no bad language or explicit sexual details?

Well do we need bad language all the time? We didn’t think so, we wanted to be different and see if we could forego the need to swear throughout the book, some stories require it but we thought we would try without. As for explicit sex scenes I think it depends on the reader, some like it very X rated, some prefer it mild , we just tried to paint a picture in the readers mind without going overboard. Sometimes the imagination can fill in the images that we potray with the simplicity of words.

Question three . What are your thoughts on relationships?

We think that if you are lucky enough to find that one person who is the other part of you then you should grab hold of them and love them with all that you are, be it male and female, male and male, female and female it does not matter , We all have the right to love whoever we love without prejudice, life is far too short to worry over someone’s choice of partner – you should be more concerned over your own life. Be honest with yourself and your chosen love and live while you both can.

Question four. What about swingers and bondage?

Ah,there again, whatever lifestyle you chose is fine. We all have different tastes or fetishes – from being tied up with silk ties to big thick ropes, from introducing a new person into the relationship to an orgy or just keeping it to yourselves – it’s not new its been done for thousands of years and as long as each person is  willing  and has consented and everyone is happy then so be it. It’s not hurting anyone if it’s their chosen way and again by being honest with your partner you are able to enjoy a few new experiences and enrich your lives.

Question five. Is there a sequel to Hook Up?

Yes! Legacies is the sequel, it brings the story of Macy and Tobias to a close, it shows more relationships with different gender’s too, there is a civil wedding and a few other lifestyles along the way; you also learn of Emma’s past  and more about the hotel so we hope people will enjoy it and hopefully see that we all live as we see fit for ourselves.


A peek at the new cover for Legacies


Thanks for reading please leave a comment or question #hookedonhookup


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