Macy’s divorce

This is a short tale of Macy regaining her freedom after twelve years of marriage.

“Oh Emma quick get me a cold flannel……shit shit shit! What the hell possessed me last night?”  Macy was shouting and literally jumping on the spot as Emma threw a very cold flannel at her then collapsed on the bed in a fit of laughter.

“Well we were well oiled, ” she spluttered through her laughter as Macy placed the cold flannel between her legs and groaned.

“Oh my God that’s better!” Macy looked at her friend,”You can laugh! Why the hell didn’t you stop me?” Emma jumped up off the bed and ran to the ensuite, she was laughing so hard she had started to wet herself .

Macy laughed at her, “Serves you right. But Em really, a tattoo and a ladybird at that – what on earth were we drinking?” Macy sat down and squealed as the tattoo stung some more. She reached across the bed to the letter, her decree absolute, it was finally over. She and Emma had celebrated in style last night. She laughed then grimaced at the pain of her new tattoo And shouted to Emma, “Never ever am I drinking tequilas again!”

Macy's tattoo!
Macy’s tattoo!

Macy had been friends with Emma since her first visit to the coastal town of Tenby where she had come on her honeymoon too many years ago. She had been a size fourteen then but her marrage had taken its toll on her. Since the birth of her children her husband had changed, he had become mean and abusive and many a time she had run to Emma with her boys; now she was here with her for the first time without the customary bruise or two that usually came with her. Her husband was both physically and mentally abusive and, at last, with the help of Emma and her parents she had found the strength to divorce him. It had been hard, her boys were still young but she would manage. She vowed that never again would she go through the hell she had been in and she would make sure her boys were not put through the trauma of  his tantrums.

Beautiful Tenby
Beautiful Tenby

Looking in the mirror Macy saw herself now; she was fat, no other words for it, but she was also comfortable in her own skin. Her boobs were huge and she had a magnificent cleavage. She had good shoulders, not a bad face and at thirty two she didn’t care what people thought of her, she was just happy to be free to be herself at last. She worked as a carer to support herself and her boys and enjoyed looking after people. Her parents did a lot of childminding for her which helped her out, she had Emma and a few other friends so life was now sweet and she intended to enjoy it.

Flinching as the new tattoo throbbed again, – she hadn’t ment to have that done – she smiled to herself and yelled to Emma,

“Another flannel please! ”

Emma came out from the bathroom with a cold flannel and a huge grin on her face.

“Well let’s see it then.’ Macy just looked at her raising her eyebrows.

“On your bike!”

They both laughed, it had been a great night.

Beautiful Tenby
Beautiful Tenbyi

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