Tobias’s Thoughts

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Tobias couldn’t believe it, the sex had been incredible and she had certainly put him through his paces! He smiled remembering her touch and the way she felt – he was getting arroused again. She was having a bath now so pulling the cover off himself he stretched and sat on the edge of the bed. He saw her hold-all and leaning forward he pulled it to him, his heart thumping with sudden excitement. With trembling hands he reached into the bag.

He sighed at the incredible feel of the various materials, closing his eyes he rummaged, “Ohhh,” he murmured, “that’s so nice’ He felt the lush satin and silky lace stroke against his skin. As he fondled the garments the delicate smell of jasmine assaulted his nose. He pulled a pair of satin pants out of the bag and bought them up to his face and inhaled the scent -he groaned again at the sensation, he was completly engrossed.

He slipped his feet into the pants and stood up, his manhood was large and firm. Pulling up the pants he sighed again. The feel of them brushing up his legs was incredible and so sexy; he pulled them over his buttocks and almost swooned as the cool silkiness caressed him. He looked into the mirror and was mortified, “Oh my God no!” he thought, “Oh fuck what am I going to do?” His mind was suddenly scrambled and he just said out loud, “I’m sorry.” He couldn’t say anything else, she’d seen him.

He looked at her. His erection had died with his nervousness, he kept seeing her face in his mind, that look of shock and disgust. She had masked it well but he had seen it.

He remembered the first time he had tried ladies underwear, it had been an old girlfriend’s and she had freaked out on him and called him some awful names which had made him very wary. So if he’d ever tried anything after that he made sure he was alone – but he had broken his own rule and now he could see he was again in for it. He sighed, his heart was almost jumping out of his ribcage with fear. He had not wanted to ruin this day, it had been incredible and he knew it was now over. His shoulders drooped with his unhappy state.

“You’re in trouble boy!” he heard her say. “You were not honest,” she continued, “sit!” she barked at him. He didn’t argue he just did as he was told and sat on a stool and she dressed him, in a babydoll first and  then silk stockings, his mind was going crazy, he could not belive what she was doing, and how it felt with her running the silk stockings up his legs making his pulse beat faster than he thought possible. She spiked his hair and painted his face, he felt the luxurious lipstick being smeared on his lips – he could hear her talking to herself, saying it was the wrong colour for him. He was completely under her control. He didn’t move or say a word – he was too scared to in case she stopped! It felt surreal, her touching him like this, not speaking to him. He was hard again, he could feel himself stiffen and tremble in her satin pants, he realised she had stopped and waited with baited breath, his mind frantic “What next?” ran through his mind.

“Look!” she ordered, pulling him to his feet, and he looked at his image in the mirror.

“Oh my God!” he gasped.

A young woman stared back at him, he was completely transformed and he looked incredible. He love it. He turned to her but her eyes were still hard.

“Bend over, you need to be punished.” He complied and bent over the stool. With that Macy took her slipper and used it on Tobias. The fifth stroke did it, Tobias came in the silky material, unable to control himself any longer. He was panting hard from the sound strokes of her slipper on his backside and the force of his orgasm – he didn’t move. Macy went back into the bathroom aghast at what she had done, she felt empowered and guilty at the same time. She washed her face to calm herself, she was so arroused by her own actions.

Taking a deep breath she returned to the room. Tobias had not moved, she got on the bed and called him. She opened her arms and he just looked at her a huge grin spread over his face and he moved into her arms. His last thought before he ravished her was, “My God, what a woman!” and he was lost.

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