After awaking to Saturday’s tragic events my thoughts turned to what is happening world wide, and as I thought about mankind in general, I asked myself  – why? Why must we look for the worst in everything and look to fighting everyone, what is the reason behind us doing so much harm to our people and to our earth.

Holding Hands
Holding Hands

I hear people spouting ‘God’s will….. ‘ I must confess that I cannot or will not believe that God of any religious belief would want mankind to act in this way. God has many names as man has many religious beliefs and each God has one thing in common PEACE AND LOVE FOR ALL  MANKIND.

Man in himself has many things in common with other men,

1, Skin…we all have it,  it may vary in colour but its an esentual part of man,  white black yellow we are all the same on this earth

.     image

2. Blood…… We all have it and we all bleed the same when we are hurt.

3. Sex. Yes we all love it, but we are all different in the way we love; it does not matter who you love, it matter’s that you do. Every person on this earth, man or woman has the right to love whoever they love without prejudice or fear of being ostracised….. LIVE  LOVE  AND LAUGH  IN  PEACE


4. This planet our home….we need to start loving it, we need to look after it before its too late and we have nothing left to live for

These are but a few things that I  see as I look at our world of war and hate it’s time to stop, it’s time to embrace your fellow man and lend a hand: help feed the hungry,  house the homeless,  its time we start giving back and stop taking everything for granted.

We have an obligation to our children to give them a peaceful, prosperous life. We need to teach love not war, we need to stand up against all terrorists – who are the minority of mankind.



As authors of HookUp and Legacies we hope to promote acceptance for every person no matter what age, gender, sexual preference, colour, religion, disability or any other possible excuses people may use to discriminate against people.



3 thoughts on “MANKIND

  1. If the world would stop the blame game and take responsibility for all of our parts on the world’s stage; we would see Love and Peace should be the basis of every decision from every gender, race, religion, or lack of faith. Even non believing people should embrace love and peace for harmony. It is not any individual’s right to decide for another what path we take. Thanks for sharing your enlightening message.

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