Banquet Prep



Leigh lay in the deep bath enjoying the sensation of the jetting hot water that gently massaged her body. She sighed as she completely relaxed and the last remnants of the pain from her full body wax was forgotten. Her head was encased in a bath pillow keeping her head out of the steaming water and the orange blossom aroma of the bath oils assaulted her nose as she visibly relaxed deeper into her luxurious pampering session. Her face was covered in a clay mask cleansing her skin and her eyes were covered in thick cucumber slices cooling her eyes.

“How are you doing there?” the deep voice of the countess asked. Leigh sighed again, “Oh Countess this is bliss I don’t want to move.”

“You must,” came the reply, and taking the cucumbers off Leigh’s eyes the countess smiled down on her, “come on there’s lots to do to get you ready.” Leigh stretched her nimble limbs, stood up in the bath and the Countess wrapped a large fluffy towel around the young woman.

Leigh stood on a towel as the Countess dried her thoughly then she sat her on a stool so she could remove the face mask, then she was ready for Jenna to do her hair and make up. Leigh’s hair was piled high on her head in a bun then Jenna worked her magic with a lace netting to hold everything in place. Her face was made up to reflect a golden look. “You ready?”asked the countess as she stood by her with a warm jar of honey and a soft paintbrush. Leigh shivered with anticipation and took a deep breath to ready herself.

“OK!” she replied, standing up for the Countess and Jenna to do their work.

The paintbrushes licked over Leigh’s body with the softest of touches spreading the warm honey over every inch of her skin, tickling as they worked on her – and Leigh giggled now and then as they painted her sensitive areas.

“Come on Leigh concentrate, keep it in, you don’t want to lose control yet –  think of your training girl!” the Countess reprimanded firmly, and Leigh took calming breaths to gain control. She was on fire with the sensations from the brushes she shook her mind to mentally block the delicious feelings. There would be time enough later on the feast table.


Leigh finally composed herself and as she looked in the mirror she saw how she shimmered in the sweet sticky honey, a light bronze glow reflected in the mirror and she was ready to go to the marble table. She walked naked to the table and climbed the step that had been put ready for her. Sitting on the table she felt the cool marble against her skin and shivered involuntarily as she lay down. A satin pillow was placed under her head and cuffs were attached to her  wrists and ankles with chains that secured her in place.

“Are you comfortable there – do you need to reposition?”asked the Countess.

Leigh wriggled to be as comfortable as possible. “I’m fine now.” she replied, and as she lay there both the Countess and Jenna placed exotic fruits around her outline and also adorned her body with an array of lush berries ready for the party which would start in just over half an hour’s time.



A large jug of cream was put at the foot of the table. Leigh was nearly ready and her heart beat frantically with anticipation at the thought of the mouths that would pluck the soft fruits off her body and lick up the cream. The next part of the decoration was the piping across her stomach to congratulate Macy and Tobias on their marrage, and a drizzle of warm chocolate was the final touch.

The Countess did a final check on Leigh giving her some last minute advice on control, and then bent down to kiss the young woman firmly on her lips. Rising up from the kiss the Countess smiled, “My my Leigh you do taste delicious, I could eat you up myself! ”

Leigh giggled, “Thankyou Countess.”

And with that she waited eagerly for the pouring of the cream.





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