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We are Sian Jones and Jan Harvey and we have been on an amazing adventure as co- authors. Calling ourselves Harvey Jones we have had two novels published in 2015,  HookUp and it’s sequel, Legacies. Both novels fall into the erotic romance genre and tell the story of Macy, Tobias, Emma and their friends, and also promote acceptance and tolerance for all, regardless of gender, sexuality, race – we are who we are and we love who we love as long as no-one is hurt or coerced.

Neither of us had written novels before and we really just followed our instincts. From the very beginning we were authors in the digital age as we used our mobile phones and tablets to exchange ideas – Jan particularly would send me her ideas and inspirations and I would edit and build upon them.

Then of course we had to get them published – a minefield for novice authors like ourselves! We used the services of Rowanvale Publishers who help authors to become self – published. The first big shock came when I had to use Track Changes to edit our text – I’d never come across it before and it took me a while to understand it! It became very familiar quite soon and now it is a tool I couldn’t be without.

Then came the really hard part – marketing our published novels and getting them ‘out there’. We were both keen Facebook fans and soon used our own sites to advertise our work, and it didn’t take us long to set up our own Facebook page, Harvey Jones. And then there was Twitter ——–  Well that was a whole new ballgame! Neither of us had Twitter accounts and we battled with setting up a joint one and learnt about targeting groups and individuals to follow and get to follow us, we have now built up a following of nearly 700, not too bad in a few months for two Twitter virgins – we keep plugging away.


Jan goes on local radio to talk about the novels

We also tackled setting up our Amazon author page and profile.

Luckily we had the help of a young friend who is a media student to set up and use this webpage, again another huge learning curve.

We were completely unaware of groups on Facebook for authors, so BooksGoSocial authors group was a real revelation for us and we have learned so much from the group, it has been an invaluable source of information and support. Someone we have met in this group has introduced us ( two Welsh women! ) to an American DJ who is broadcasting an MP3 we have recorded about our books – another new experience of the digital age we have learnt about, recording an MP3. Sharing links, videos, recordings etc has all been a new and eye opening experience which we’ve had to utilise in this digital age.

So, becoming authors in the digital age has been a breathtaking and huge learning curve – but an immensely enjoyable one!


We give a talk at our local town library on ‘Our journey through self-publishing’



Link for the Steve Caresser show, on which we talk about HookUp and Legacies


Why Did We Write HookUp?



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This is a question that I have often been asked, ‘Why did you write about sex…. ?’ My answer is simple – it’s not just about sex. Ok sex sells, but that is not the point of Hook Up.

The whole point of Hook Up is relationships; there are many various kinds of relationships which are frowned upon by some in society. You have the ‘normal’ as some would say, and I say, what is normal?

Think about it, what is a normal relationship….. Straight ? Why?  Just because that’s what is preached to us day in day out? Gay, lesbian, polynomial, swinger’s etc, what is normal? In my eyes they all are.  Who are we to judge how a person should feel and who are we to state who a person should love? Do we walk in other people’s shoes or have their feelings ?….no we dont. So in effect every relationship is normal if it’s what two or more people want and are happy with.

A relationship should be consensual for all involved and based on honesty, mutual trust and respect for what all parties want. It should be what is right for you and your other half not what is right in the eyes of the world.

A lot of people meet online now with all the internet access available. I myself have too and the most important thing I learnt with hook up sites is that they can encourage self – honesty, yes that’s right HONESTY…. That person behind the screen does not know you , they see your picture if it is a real one of you and vice versa, and when you start talking you find yourself suddenly opening up, speaking truths you never thought you would. Why? Because in reality the screen cannot judge you and before you realise you have a full blown conversation which,when you look back at it, you think,’Oh my god, did I say all that?!’ And guess what,  you may feel mortified and shocked but you will also find you have a lot more inside you than you realised, and it can become addictive.

This is how Macy and Tobias meet and they take it to the next level. Macy, in her chats to Tobias, discovers she has a domineering streak and he encourages her to follow it. This works for both of them as Tobias has a fetish that he can’t tell his girlfriend about because he’s too scared to, but talking to a screen gives him the courage and opportunity to be honest – not just with Macy, but himself. I dare you, try a site and see how you open up almost without realising it.

Throughout HookUp Macy and Tobias find love. Yes they eat a lot….have you not been hungry after hours of fun? Yes they drink – don’t a lot of people drink ? And yes, sometimes excessively, but we don’t judge ; it’s life and that’s what we do we live, we laugh, we have sex, we eat and we LOVE.

This book is just about the normality of life for each and everyone –  we are who we are and we love who we love.







Well last week I had my first interview on a radio show courtesy of Geoff at our local radio station Bro Radio.

Wow was I nervous – yes me ! Had a bit of the old butterflies in tummy, but I must admit it was an amazing experience. Geoff was a lovely gentleman who has many years of experience with radio and with him being partially blind I have to confess I was highly impressed with his ability to run his afternoon show with such ease. He informed me that Bro Radio employ two  blind presenters, which is incredible when you see the work involved….I would run for the hills at all the technology they have to use.

On meeting Geoff in his studio I was confronted with what I can only describe as Santa’s Grotto …there was an immense amount of tinsel and lots of Christmas ornaments, it was great.

Geoff put me at ease and mastered his show like a sailor at sea with many references of ‘Abandon ship!’or ‘Throw the lifebelt!’ which was fun to watch.

Geoff chatted to me about Hook Up and Legacies for eight minutes which was absolutely fantastic and I can’t thank him enough for his time.

I would also like to say a massive thanks to Mark Collard for arranging this interview and if any of you enjoy hauntingly beautiful music look out for his song on iTunes. Waiting for Blue….by Tis the Camera

Mark Collard – Tisthecamera – joined us at our Legacies launch and self – publishing talk

That Time Of Year



Well what can one say? It’s  that time of year….the silly season….it’s almost Christmas…..

Christmas…… what does that mean….?

Presents, gifts, drink and food, having fun.

Not to me, not anymore ……


Christmas is a time to remember those who have nothing; it’s a time to give to your fellow man a hot meal, a blanket, anything that can help them get through the cold months ahead and not just now at this time of year….always.


It’s also about family,  togetherness, and for those who believe,


We all have our own beliefs so I will not preach, but surely at this time of year we should try and think of others rather than ourselves, give instead of take and most of all wish for peace for all mankind all over this world.



We Harvey Jones wish world peace and acceptance for all, and pray for everyone to be a little kinder to their fellow man as we all know from experience life is too short, there are missing people who we dearly love and miss not joining our table this year.

So on a last note, have a merry Christmas, give to those less fortunate, remember those who are not with us this year and those who have no one or nowhere to go, and of course all those who are at war….peace on earth is our Xmas wish.




An Erotic Knit

Knitters and crocheters ‘hooked up ‘ with HookUp and Legacies at Barry Library this morning!

We had a great time with this group at the library this morning, telling them all about HookUp and our newly released sequel Legacies.

Amid the chat, coffee and crochet the ladies enjoyed hearing about the adventures of Macy, Tobias and Emma, and also about our exploits into the world of self- publishing.

Its amazing how you can link up with people, and one lady was keen that we should go and give a talk at the pub she works in – all good networking for getting the book and its messages out there.

Our friend Mark Collard ( the only gentleman present!) got us onto a local radio programme tomorrow – fab work Mark, many thanks.

Thanks also to Katherine Owen from Barry Central Library for arranging this for us.

The knitters and crocheters inspired us to look further into getting our books published as audiobooks as they enjoyed listening to us reading to them as they knitted – so here’s to more erotic writings and sexy jumpers!




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