An Erotic Knit

Knitters and crocheters ‘hooked up ‘ with HookUp and Legacies at Barry Library this morning!

We had a great time with this group at the library this morning, telling them all about HookUp and our newly released sequel Legacies.

Amid the chat, coffee and crochet the ladies enjoyed hearing about the adventures of Macy, Tobias and Emma, and also about our exploits into the world of self- publishing.

Its amazing how you can link up with people, and one lady was keen that we should go and give a talk at the pub she works in – all good networking for getting the book and its messages out there.

Our friend Mark Collard ( the only gentleman present!) got us onto a local radio programme tomorrow – fab work Mark, many thanks.

Thanks also to Katherine Owen from Barry Central Library for arranging this for us.

The knitters and crocheters inspired us to look further into getting our books published as audiobooks as they enjoyed listening to us reading to them as they knitted – so here’s to more erotic writings and sexy jumpers!




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