That Time Of Year



Well what can one say? It’s  that time of year….the silly season….it’s almost Christmas…..

Christmas…… what does that mean….?

Presents, gifts, drink and food, having fun.

Not to me, not anymore ……


Christmas is a time to remember those who have nothing; it’s a time to give to your fellow man a hot meal, a blanket, anything that can help them get through the cold months ahead and not just now at this time of year….always.


It’s also about family,  togetherness, and for those who believe,


We all have our own beliefs so I will not preach, but surely at this time of year we should try and think of others rather than ourselves, give instead of take and most of all wish for peace for all mankind all over this world.



We Harvey Jones wish world peace and acceptance for all, and pray for everyone to be a little kinder to their fellow man as we all know from experience life is too short, there are missing people who we dearly love and miss not joining our table this year.

So on a last note, have a merry Christmas, give to those less fortunate, remember those who are not with us this year and those who have no one or nowhere to go, and of course all those who are at war….peace on earth is our Xmas wish.





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