Well last week I had my first interview on a radio show courtesy of Geoff at our local radio station Bro Radio.

Wow was I nervous – yes me ! Had a bit of the old butterflies in tummy, but I must admit it was an amazing experience. Geoff was a lovely gentleman who has many years of experience with radio and with him being partially blind I have to confess I was highly impressed with his ability to run his afternoon show with such ease. He informed me that Bro Radio employ two  blind presenters, which is incredible when you see the work involved….I would run for the hills at all the technology they have to use.

On meeting Geoff in his studio I was confronted with what I can only describe as Santa’s Grotto …there was an immense amount of tinsel and lots of Christmas ornaments, it was great.

Geoff put me at ease and mastered his show like a sailor at sea with many references of ‘Abandon ship!’or ‘Throw the lifebelt!’ which was fun to watch.

Geoff chatted to me about Hook Up and Legacies for eight minutes which was absolutely fantastic and I can’t thank him enough for his time.

I would also like to say a massive thanks to Mark Collard for arranging this interview and if any of you enjoy hauntingly beautiful music look out for his song on iTunes. Waiting for Blue….by Tis the Camera

Mark Collard – Tisthecamera – joined us at our Legacies launch and self – publishing talk

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