Characters in our novels – Macy and Connie!

Meet Connie, the German Shepherd dog that Tobias gave as a gift to Macy in Legacies




I look out of the window through the slight gap in the curtains and groan, “Typical, I’ve got a week off and it’s pissing down!” I shiver involuntarily as I see the trees blowing in the rainswept wind. Pulling the duvet up to my chin I look at Connie who’s looking at me with big brown eyes as if to say, Come on Mum, let’s go! I rub my hand across her soft furry head and sigh.” Ok you win, but I’m coming back to bed with a book when we’re done.” She wags her tail as if she understands every word I’m saying.

I dress quickly in warm clothes with an impatient dog jumping on my toes in her haste to get me to hurry up. “Anyone would think you never went out,” I tell her as she bumps me for the umpteenth time. I manage to get my coat on and stay on my feet as she hustles me to the door, I put her lead on and away we go.

We get to the park battling the wind and rain and before too long she’s had enough – it’s too windy for her German Shepherd ears so she does what she needs to do and we trudge back to the house to dry. As I undress to go back to bed I hear her climb the stairs before me; I get to the top of the stairs and there she is on the bed before me, tail thumping in greeting. I laugh at her as she rolls on her back, messing up the duvet as she wriggles.

I place my tray of goodies on my bedside unit: a mug of tea, biscuits, bar of dark chocolate, a bowl of ice cream – my snacks for reading when I’m snuggled under the covers. Making myself comfy I pick up my book, and before long I’m engrossed in a make believe world of dragons.

My bowl of ice cream is by my side as I read. With a spoon of ice cream in my mouth I turn page after page, lost in wild adventures. I reach into the bowl with my spoon and hear the clink of the dish! As I look in surprise at the bowl I see no ice cream, just a well licked bowl and the soft nose of Connie as she licks the last traces of ice cream off her muzzle. Her eyes look so innocent as I stare in amazement, wondering at her cheek and the fact I did not notice her eating. I have to laugh at myself for being so lost in my book that I lost my snack – no wonder I have such a faithful loving dog.












I cannot see, but I can hear,
I sense that you are very near.
I’m not afraid, I feel your breath
across my nipples, now erect.
I hold my breath in blissful joy
as a new sensation now makes way
down my body slow and sure –
oh how much more can I endure?
In the dark I feel so free,
from the blindfold you gave to me.
I smell the rose, its potent scent,
and feel the petals, heaven sent.
My body now is glowing hot
with urgent need for your touch.
Passion rises to its fullest height
as my mind explodes with colours bright.
I tremble now as control is lost
And I relish in your final touch.
I fly so high I cannot relent
my body arches and I’m finally spent.

Copyright Jan Harvey

Characters in our novels – Emma




Who is Emma? Well let me tell you.
Emma has the kindest heart you could possibly imagine which, against all the odds, she gained from a turbulent childhood. She is the child whose father abandoned her as soon as he knew of her mother’s pregnancy. The daughter of a prostitute and drug addict she is of mixed race, her mother from Singapore, her father unknown.
Without giving too much away, at a young age Emma runs away to escape from her disastrous life, she meets a lady who becomes the love of her life and together they try to make money as prostitutes. After a while things go wrong and Emma flees to London where she begins to live her life and work out what she wants.
She meets Macy in Tenby, when Macy was on her honeymoon, and over the years they become close friends. However when reading Legacies it transpires that Emma has kept a lot of secrets from her best friend!
Emma makes it her life’s work to help people who have issues with gender identity issues and their sexual preferences. She teaches acceptance for all and trains those who need it in various ways to become solicitors, chefs, or whatever they want to do in life. She helps those who are lost find themselves, enabling them to live life to the full; she nurtures and heals anyone who needs it, she is an ambassador for people no matter who they are.
Sirens is her hotel, a place where people can be who they want with no judgement. There are various rooms with different themes where guests can wallow in their most delicious fantasies or fetishes. All the hotel employees are people who Emma has helped in the past – they become part of a huge family and are not ready or have no wish to leave its security.
Emma is the heart of Sirens and protects fiercely all who reside within her walls. She stands for equality for everyone, black white straight or gay, large small, with a fetish or two, all are welcome to join her at a party or two and live their lives as they want.





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Jan Harvey’s Reviews > A Mathematical State of Grace Omnibus
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A Mathematical State of Grace Omnibus
by Cathy McGough (Goodreads Author)

Jan Harvey’s review Jan 23, 16
it was amazing
Read from December 07 to 10, 2015

A geeky girl a sporty boy thrown into the chaotic world of strange wind’s tree’s and earthquakes, faced with being the only living being’s left in the world. A story of survival and young love which has the reader pouring through the pages with baited breath.
Not what I expected when I started to read and I loved the way it took me on a journey of surprising encounters.
This book will not disappoint its an excellent read, looking forward to the
sequel which follows.
Cathy McGough does it again…this second book blew me away, Grace is in two world’s without realising it. Her reality, is it the blood clots which threatened her life or is it the marriage to the boy she loves…
This book makes you wonder if there are other realities and if so which is the real one.
Grace’s mother, Vincent and the doctors are thrown by the possibility of Grace’s possible truth, the author has the reader right where she wants you in a mathematical state of wonder
I thought this was an excellent read
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The Mansion’s Twins by Rose M. Channing
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The Mansion’s Twins
by Rose M. Channing (Goodreads Author)
Jan Harvey’s review Jan 24, 16
really liked it
Read in January, 2016

Well what can I say, not my normal read but I was lost in the twins journey to save the magical world where they were from.
Twins Savanna and Ellie are unknown to each other until forces bring them together. A great story that will captivate and enchant readers of various ages
Magical people and strange creature’s prowel through the pages giving just the right balance if frights to keep you on the edge
On the whole an enchanting tale
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The chains that shackle,
the strap that binds.
The blindfold that covers up my eyes.
I hear the swish
of the whip.
Crack, it snaps, I embrace its sting
as it curls and strokes my skin
covering my trembling flesh
as I succumb to your every wish.
Your dominance is my pride and joy
my body sings for your demands
as I relish the touch of the lash
that caresses my flesh within these bonds.
Jan Harvey

Willing To Please




Take my pleasure, take my pain,
wrap me tight – I wont complain.
Run your fingers down my spine,
to submit to you is so divine.

Tie me tight in silk or chains,
feel my blood pump in my veins.
For your pleasure I’m here to stay,
spank my bottom, I secretly say.

Feel the heat that you create
through my body as I rejoice
in every touch of whip or chain,
that makes me yours, your willing slave.

copyright Jan Harvey


Characters in our novels : Tobias


Who is he?

He is the eldest son of three children of wealthy parents. His father expected him to take over the family law firm, but Tobias was not at all interested in this as a career. His mother was always at some function or meeting and he was sent to boarding school where he developed his love of drawing, especially structures, and the arts. He worked hard to get into Cardiff University to study Architecture and his father disowned him because he refused to comply with his wishes. The company eventually would go to his younger brother.

Tobias loved people from all walks of life and having moved from Cambridge to Cardiff he saw how other people lived. His father would not give in at all about him joining the family firm so at eighteen Tobias had walked away from his family, found a job in a nightclub, shared a house with other uni guys and paid his own way, he never went back home.

He studied hard and worked hard too, not having much time to himself until he graduated, when he took a year off to travel round Europe to see all the buildings that held him in awe. He had a few girlfriends during this time but nothing serious until Beth.

Tobias knew he had alternative tastes and desires; he liked the feel of silks and satin against his skin – he had been caught by Beth once with a pair of her panties on, she had gone ballistic and made him feel ashamed – but it was always there, the need to touch, it had been there all his life, it had scared him until he saw that other people had ‘different’ tastes of their own.

At 35 Tobias started looking for more. He felt something was missing from his life and although he was still with Beth, he started to use chat lines and hookup sites to learn about others and himself. Beth caught him out when he met Macy and after a huge row he left her to go on a journey that totally freed his soul and allowed him to find himself.

Tobias is a gentleman; kind hearted, loving and true to himself and his alter ego who, with Macy’s help and guidance, takes them on sexual journey of wonder where new friends and experiences are waiting for them.                                 image



Characters in our novels: Macy



Now where do I begin? At the beginning of course! Macy – who is she, what is she ? Let’s take a look at her.

All Macy’s life she has been, shall we say, large. Yes that’s Macy, bullied at school for her size, not much in the way of boyfriends or real friends, a loner in a way – possibly because of being an only child with older parents.

She left her loving parents to work with horses. It was her passion and the only time she was ever slim. Her relationships with men were scarce even then, until she met the farmer’s son and then her first taste of love blossomed. They enjoyed riding naked, swimming in the streams, and Macy came alive.

She later met her husband to be who courted her lovingly and her made her happy, until the wedding ring went on her finger. She then learnt how lonely a marriage could be. Her husband drank and abused her both mentally and physically. Eventually, in desperation, and with two children in tow, she up and left him with the help of Emma, her best friend.

Macy became a carer, and with her parents’ help she brought up her two boys. She had learnt to live with herself and for the first time was completely happy with her life, her work and children. As a carer Macy learnt how to appreciate life and met an array of people. She was very good at seeing how people felt and could read them almost like a book , understanding their needs implicitly. She was very well liked by all she met.

After a time Macy met Mark, who at first was seemingly sincerely appreciative of her for how she was, a large curvy woman who was now quite confident in her own skin and also financially secure due to the traggic death of her parents on one of their holidays. She had been seeing Mark for a year and was now 55, but something was not right, Mark had changed; his habits, his attitude, it was like her ex husband all over again. He also demeaned her or tried to. But Macy, being older and wiser, had had enough. She caught him out on his computer and set a trap –  it was the greatest feeling ever and it opened doors she never knew existed – and with Emma’s help she started to live a life that she had not thought possible.

She learnt about herself she became empowered by feelings previously alien to her and she met her soulmate. At 55 Macy was transported into a whole new way of life and she loved it and lived it.



Follow Macy as she learns about her new – found freedom and finds her soulmate in HookUp and Legacies