Characters in our novels: Macy



Now where do I begin? At the beginning of course! Macy – who is she, what is she ? Let’s take a look at her.

All Macy’s life she has been, shall we say, large. Yes that’s Macy, bullied at school for her size, not much in the way of boyfriends or real friends, a loner in a way – possibly because of being an only child with older parents.

She left her loving parents to work with horses. It was her passion and the only time she was ever slim. Her relationships with men were scarce even then, until she met the farmer’s son and then her first taste of love blossomed. They enjoyed riding naked, swimming in the streams, and Macy came alive.

She later met her husband to be who courted her lovingly and her made her happy, until the wedding ring went on her finger. She then learnt how lonely a marriage could be. Her husband drank and abused her both mentally and physically. Eventually, in desperation, and with two children in tow, she up and left him with the help of Emma, her best friend.

Macy became a carer, and with her parents’ help she brought up her two boys. She had learnt to live with herself and for the first time was completely happy with her life, her work and children. As a carer Macy learnt how to appreciate life and met an array of people. She was very good at seeing how people felt and could read them almost like a book , understanding their needs implicitly. She was very well liked by all she met.

After a time Macy met Mark, who at first was seemingly sincerely appreciative of her for how she was, a large curvy woman who was now quite confident in her own skin and also financially secure due to the traggic death of her parents on one of their holidays. She had been seeing Mark for a year and was now 55, but something was not right, Mark had changed; his habits, his attitude, it was like her ex husband all over again. He also demeaned her or tried to. But Macy, being older and wiser, had had enough. She caught him out on his computer and set a trap –  it was the greatest feeling ever and it opened doors she never knew existed – and with Emma’s help she started to live a life that she had not thought possible.

She learnt about herself she became empowered by feelings previously alien to her and she met her soulmate. At 55 Macy was transported into a whole new way of life and she loved it and lived it.



Follow Macy as she learns about her new – found freedom and finds her soulmate in HookUp and Legacies




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