Characters in our novels : Tobias


Who is he?

He is the eldest son of three children of wealthy parents. His father expected him to take over the family law firm, but Tobias was not at all interested in this as a career. His mother was always at some function or meeting and he was sent to boarding school where he developed his love of drawing, especially structures, and the arts. He worked hard to get into Cardiff University to study Architecture and his father disowned him because he refused to comply with his wishes. The company eventually would go to his younger brother.

Tobias loved people from all walks of life and having moved from Cambridge to Cardiff he saw how other people lived. His father would not give in at all about him joining the family firm so at eighteen Tobias had walked away from his family, found a job in a nightclub, shared a house with other uni guys and paid his own way, he never went back home.

He studied hard and worked hard too, not having much time to himself until he graduated, when he took a year off to travel round Europe to see all the buildings that held him in awe. He had a few girlfriends during this time but nothing serious until Beth.

Tobias knew he had alternative tastes and desires; he liked the feel of silks and satin against his skin – he had been caught by Beth once with a pair of her panties on, she had gone ballistic and made him feel ashamed – but it was always there, the need to touch, it had been there all his life, it had scared him until he saw that other people had ‘different’ tastes of their own.

At 35 Tobias started looking for more. He felt something was missing from his life and although he was still with Beth, he started to use chat lines and hookup sites to learn about others and himself. Beth caught him out when he met Macy and after a huge row he left her to go on a journey that totally freed his soul and allowed him to find himself.

Tobias is a gentleman; kind hearted, loving and true to himself and his alter ego who, with Macy’s help and guidance, takes them on sexual journey of wonder where new friends and experiences are waiting for them.                                 image




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