Characters in our novels – Emma




Who is Emma? Well let me tell you.
Emma has the kindest heart you could possibly imagine which, against all the odds, she gained from a turbulent childhood. She is the child whose father abandoned her as soon as he knew of her mother’s pregnancy. The daughter of a prostitute and drug addict she is of mixed race, her mother from Singapore, her father unknown.
Without giving too much away, at a young age Emma runs away to escape from her disastrous life, she meets a lady who becomes the love of her life and together they try to make money as prostitutes. After a while things go wrong and Emma flees to London where she begins to live her life and work out what she wants.
She meets Macy in Tenby, when Macy was on her honeymoon, and over the years they become close friends. However when reading Legacies it transpires that Emma has kept a lot of secrets from her best friend!
Emma makes it her life’s work to help people who have issues with gender identity issues and their sexual preferences. She teaches acceptance for all and trains those who need it in various ways to become solicitors, chefs, or whatever they want to do in life. She helps those who are lost find themselves, enabling them to live life to the full; she nurtures and heals anyone who needs it, she is an ambassador for people no matter who they are.
Sirens is her hotel, a place where people can be who they want with no judgement. There are various rooms with different themes where guests can wallow in their most delicious fantasies or fetishes. All the hotel employees are people who Emma has helped in the past – they become part of a huge family and are not ready or have no wish to leave its security.
Emma is the heart of Sirens and protects fiercely all who reside within her walls. She stands for equality for everyone, black white straight or gay, large small, with a fetish or two, all are welcome to join her at a party or two and live their lives as they want.






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