Characters in our novels – Macy and Connie!

Meet Connie, the German Shepherd dog that Tobias gave as a gift to Macy in Legacies




I look out of the window through the slight gap in the curtains and groan, “Typical, I’ve got a week off and it’s pissing down!” I shiver involuntarily as I see the trees blowing in the rainswept wind. Pulling the duvet up to my chin I look at Connie who’s looking at me with big brown eyes as if to say, Come on Mum, let’s go! I rub my hand across her soft furry head and sigh.” Ok you win, but I’m coming back to bed with a book when we’re done.” She wags her tail as if she understands every word I’m saying.

I dress quickly in warm clothes with an impatient dog jumping on my toes in her haste to get me to hurry up. “Anyone would think you never went out,” I tell her as she bumps me for the umpteenth time. I manage to get my coat on and stay on my feet as she hustles me to the door, I put her lead on and away we go.

We get to the park battling the wind and rain and before too long she’s had enough – it’s too windy for her German Shepherd ears so she does what she needs to do and we trudge back to the house to dry. As I undress to go back to bed I hear her climb the stairs before me; I get to the top of the stairs and there she is on the bed before me, tail thumping in greeting. I laugh at her as she rolls on her back, messing up the duvet as she wriggles.

I place my tray of goodies on my bedside unit: a mug of tea, biscuits, bar of dark chocolate, a bowl of ice cream – my snacks for reading when I’m snuggled under the covers. Making myself comfy I pick up my book, and before long I’m engrossed in a make believe world of dragons.

My bowl of ice cream is by my side as I read. With a spoon of ice cream in my mouth I turn page after page, lost in wild adventures. I reach into the bowl with my spoon and hear the clink of the dish! As I look in surprise at the bowl I see no ice cream, just a well licked bowl and the soft nose of Connie as she licks the last traces of ice cream off her muzzle. Her eyes look so innocent as I stare in amazement, wondering at her cheek and the fact I did not notice her eating. I have to laugh at myself for being so lost in my book that I lost my snack – no wonder I have such a faithful loving dog.









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