Man Flu


You know that feeling, you know that little tickle in your nose, and—– ACHOO! —yeah it’s there, the first sneeze. You pray that’s it and carry on doing your chores, then it’s there again —- one, two, three, ten, —- gone is your dignity as you cross your legs to prevent yourself from peeing as the sneezes take over you; no chance of staying ladylike as snot and boogies explode through your now pouring nose.

Your sinuses fill and your head is fuzzy as the pressure builds up, and then the eyes water. Tissues at the ready to catch your next sneeze and he asks,

‘What’s for tea?’

God you want to kill him! He has passed his germs to you because he likes to share! Men! Yes I’m growling now as I managed to stay free of all the bugs until he gets it and bang, it’s mine now and he wants tea!

Only one thing for it, Lemsip cough mixture and a hot bath with a good dollop of Vicks menthol rub to sooth my now hot aching body before I wrap myself up in my duvet to listen to music or the TV. I would read but my eyes are watering too much – yeah I’m feeling sorry for myself now, as the cough takes hold and racks though my chest. At least he has gone out – I think he saw my growl and thought better of it, so I can at least wallow in self pity in peace.

I wake up, all hot and sweaty, hair plastered to my face. Oh god I hate being ill! My head feels like it’s full of cotton wool. I look around and it’s dark, I reach for the TV remote and see it’s six pm, I’ve slept for a few hours. I hear a noise and look up as the bedroom door opens: a huge bunch of flowers enters the room with my partner behind them!

‘Sorry.’ he says and hands me the flowers. He sits on the bed and opens a bag containing tissues with aloe vera, soft for my nose, more Lemsips and an array of little snacks to cheer me up. He is a good man and I feel guilty for growling now especially as he has tea downstairs waiting. So I blow my streaming nose yet again and follow my man, as I will everyday no matter what. It’s just one of those things and yep, if he’s lucky I wont share this back – I’ll try and keep the germs at bay!



The Rocky Horror Show Cardiff


Well there is only one word for this – ‘fanbloodytastic’ – what a show!

As I have said before Macy and myself have a lot of things in common and the thrill of this show is one of them.

It all starts when you buy your tickets, then its decision time. What shall I wear? Which character am I dressing up as? What make up shall I use? The list of ‘what if’s’ is endless.


The day of the show arrives and it’s time to prepare. The vodka is flowing and us girls are putting our make up on – bold smouldering eyes lashes long enough to cause a hurricane, lips bright and inviting and of course glitter everywhere: face body and hair, we are shimmering stars waiting to party.

The outfits are put on, a French maid is my choice; a Basque for Emily, pushing her bouncing beauties up threatening to spill out for all to see; and Sian is the glitter queen.

With giggles and laughs we arrive at the New Theatre Cardiff and wow, all the people in so many costumes was a sight to see! The amount of men dressed up as Doctor Frankenfurter in Basques and heels is incredible. To see that everyone is accepted for themselves is just wonderful, no judgements on anyone, its a shame that this attitude is not everywhere at all times.



We chat and laugh with complete strangers as we drink our vodkas before the show starts, nip to the loo quickly as the bell rings for you to get your seats, its time : lights dim, people cheer and the show begins.

We sing, laugh, heckle and dance from start to finish – it’s superb! Lights flash, music belts out so loudly you can feel the vibrations through your feet, it’s certainly a night to remember.

So if you get the opportunity to see this show go, dress up, have fun and be totally outrageous – that’s what its all about. Be like Macy, embrace the fun in life as we only live once so go and enjoy it to the fullest.