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In the morning, he just couldn’t help it. He was sitting on the chair at the foot of the bed, wrapped in her white fluffy robe, with her scent washing over him as he just kept watching. He had sat there for an hour just looking at her; the mug of coffee in his hand had gone cold as he had got totally caught up in her. She looked beautiful in her sleep: she had lost her immaculate look and her hair was tousled. She had no make-up on. She seemed to have a secret smile on her lips as she slept, he was totally enthralled — this woman was amazing! Her energy knocked him for six, and she was able to make him reach heights he never thought possible. His thoughts returned to last night’s punishment. Not being able to touch her had been torture and he knew it had added pleasure when he was finally released. It was only now he realized she had not used the whip, and that in itself was part of the punishment — he had expected, it wanted it but did not get it. He smiled. The shock was that she had allowed the other woman, her friend, to kiss him! He was mortified to be seen shackled like that, but he was also excited. If nothing else, Macy was very, very good at pleasing him sexually and he loved her more than ever. She opened her eyes just a fraction and saw him watching. Smiling she asked, ‘Any more coffee going?’ He giggled, ‘Yes Mistress.’ Macy burst out laughing. ‘OK boy, get in the kitchen and feed me!’ She threw the cover back to reveal the purple underclothes she’d had on last night. He groaned. She opened her arms and, throwing off her robe, he went back into her arms and they again claimed new heights of passion which left them both breathless. Macy giggled. ‘I thought you were going to do breakfast?’ she teased, and they both walked out to the kitchen to put some food together — they were ravenous. They sat at her table eating eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes, with a full rack of toast, a pot of coffee and an assortment of marmalades. ‘Do you fancy coming away with me next weekend?’ she asked. ‘I’ve got a small cottage on the outskirts of Tenby; it’s very quiet.’ He took no time in replying. ‘Most definitely.’



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Official Review: Hook Up by Harvey Jones
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[Following is the official review of “Hook Up” by Harvey Jones.]

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4 out of 4 stars
Review by Lily_Zeraven
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Hook Up is an elaborate and classy fictional tale of self-exploration. The characters embark on a journey of sexual discovery and personal development, each pushing their own limits finally to settle comfortably into a lustrous cushion of happiness. There were notable themes present consistently throughout the text revolving around emotional and physical empowerment, social acceptance and cultural normalcy, and emergence of trust in new relationships.

I liked the fact that there were relevant topics contained within the story which made it easy to dive right in and embed myself in the fantasies of Macy and Tobias. From the very beginning, the storyline made me want to pour a glass of wine, cuddle up under a blanket, and read until my cheeks couldn’t possibly blush anymore! Also, there are likeable language differences throughout the text which offers a very pleasant and jolly reading experience – the narrations in my head were of thick British accents, much like naughty versions of the characters in Bridget Jones’s Diary.

The story is absolutely fantastic and illustrates beautiful realizations of exploring the innermost passions of oneself, however lustful and fetish-filled they may be. The author made it normal and acceptable to indulge in such secretive hobbies, as if there is no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed. Costumes, role-playing, dominant and submissive, fun, flirting, love, adoration – this book encapsulates it all. The main female character is the iconic good vs. bad girl we all need sitting on our shoulders – that Angel to instill calmness and confidence and that Devil to push us to our limits. She sparks a courageous fire within even the most reserved reader!

In terms of content or depth, there are no notable dislikes. I only felt that the story was too brief – I wanted to keep reading forever!

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. My rating is based on my interpretations of the characters and my feelings about the book as a whole. I felt as though the themes and content were excellent, and the particular traits the author chose to portray his characters were incredible and defiant against cultural norms. No stick-thin models under and no muscular body builders. The 55 year old, voluptuous woman and boyishly handsome architect in his early twenties – Macy and Tobias wrap you up in their love/lust story right from the beginning. I did not give this book a rating of 3 because the foundations of thought were solid and I think the author embellished his portrayals perfectly throughout the story in detail and elaboration.

This book will appeal mostly to readers that enjoy a steamy, fun-filled experience that encourages self-exploration of curiosity and fantasy in and out of the bedroom. On the contrary, this book will appeal least to readers that prefer vanilla flavored, missionary style sex and is not for individuals who are made uncomfortable by sexual literature.

Hook Up
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Lily_Zeraven’s Latest Review: “Hook Up” by Harvey Jones


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As the lift ascended, the two occupants looked at their reflections in the mirror. The older woman, Macy, was at least 55. She was a very full-busted size 22 with immaculate hair, nails, make-up, and the confidence to make anyone tremble with a smile from the scarlet lips full of promises. As for her outfit — that was another story.
The younger woman was her junior by 20 years and had long blond hair, grey eyes with strikingly bold make-up, and a sleek well-toned body. She was wearing an outfit which totally blew her mind.
The chain attached to the black studded collar twitched to make her stand tall.
Macy leaned over and whispered quietly.
‘Head up Chantelle, be proud; you were made for this!’
With that, the lift door opened…


Sitting in her friend’s car, Macy had a perfect view of the park as she watched the man spit out his gum and pull his phone out of his pocket to text.
Her phone flashed, I’m here all hot and ready for you.
She got out of the car, slamming the door loudly behind her. As he turned to look at her, she watched the colour drain from his face as reality hit him. His meal ticket with Macy was over; she had hooked him with his own Hook Up site. As she stood looking at him, Macy sent a text: Got you. She laughed and got back in the car to drive home.
After twenty years of marriage to an abusive alcoholic, did Mark really think that she was going to put up with his womanizing ways and his reckless spending of her inheritance? Not a chance! She smiled slyly to herself; that fake profile on Hook Up had caught him out really well — and it had been fun! Feeling empowered, Macy contemplated the idea of putting a real profile on the site and seeing what would happen. It could be an adventure! With that thought she put her foot down on the accelerator.


Macy looked at the laptop. Her friend Emma poured them wine and they both laughed at the profile Macy had created for herself. The picture was easy. It showed her full face, friendly and inviting; her huge breasts looked ready to spill out over her top. The name was the hardest but she eventually decided on Mistress M. Emma almost choked on her wine at some of the names on the site.
‘It’s a different world!’ she exclaimed as Macy pressed OK and her profile uploaded.
They both laughed and got another bottle. There was no turning back now.

Characters in our novels – Tom and Sanska

What can I tell you about Sanska? She is a feisty blond, slim with all the sensual curves of a real woman. She knows what she likes and has no problems going and doing what she likes. She is a modern woman of the world and together with her husband Tom she searches online for like minded couples or single people who like to swing; yes she and Tom are swingers and they both embrace their way of life openly and with a passion that keeps their relationship alive.

Sanska is now in her thirties but she found herself at Sirens when she ran from a controlling relationship at the age of twenty one. Emma had found her huddled on a bench at Dinas Powis train station cold wet and exhausted from walking from Cardiff, taken her to Sirens to let her rest and Sanska had never left. She learnt management skills and helped to run the hotel and that was where she met Tom.
Tom was a quiet man who had a love of gardens and nature; he had come from Ireland and worked his way around the coast picking up odd jobs to pay his way. One day he had stumbled across Sirens Hotel and had seen that the gardens were in need of work and had taken a chance.
Emma had taken a liking to him at first sight and gave him a room and the role of gardener and maintenance. Tom fitted in well, he saw the hotel for what it was and happily joined in with its many parties and games. He met Sanska and within two years they were married.
Tom and Sanska complemented each other well. Their love for one another and their varied sexual needs kept them both on fire – they would join other couples together or separately depending on who they were joining. They had a totally honest relationship.

Tom did other gardening work locally and this was how he knew Macy, and when she took the first steps into swinging with Tobias it was Tom and Sanska who she turned to.These four soon became a group that would only swing with each other and they formed a bond which would last for the rest of their lives, as seen in Legacies the sequel to Hook Up