Characters in our novels – Tom and Sanska

What can I tell you about Sanska? She is a feisty blond, slim with all the sensual curves of a real woman. She knows what she likes and has no problems going and doing what she likes. She is a modern woman of the world and together with her husband Tom she searches online for like minded couples or single people who like to swing; yes she and Tom are swingers and they both embrace their way of life openly and with a passion that keeps their relationship alive.

Sanska is now in her thirties but she found herself at Sirens when she ran from a controlling relationship at the age of twenty one. Emma had found her huddled on a bench at Dinas Powis train station cold wet and exhausted from walking from Cardiff, taken her to Sirens to let her rest and Sanska had never left. She learnt management skills and helped to run the hotel and that was where she met Tom.
Tom was a quiet man who had a love of gardens and nature; he had come from Ireland and worked his way around the coast picking up odd jobs to pay his way. One day he had stumbled across Sirens Hotel and had seen that the gardens were in need of work and had taken a chance.
Emma had taken a liking to him at first sight and gave him a room and the role of gardener and maintenance. Tom fitted in well, he saw the hotel for what it was and happily joined in with its many parties and games. He met Sanska and within two years they were married.
Tom and Sanska complemented each other well. Their love for one another and their varied sexual needs kept them both on fire – they would join other couples together or separately depending on who they were joining. They had a totally honest relationship.

Tom did other gardening work locally and this was how he knew Macy, and when she took the first steps into swinging with Tobias it was Tom and Sanska who she turned to.These four soon became a group that would only swing with each other and they formed a bond which would last for the rest of their lives, as seen in Legacies the sequel to Hook Up








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