Another Sneaky Peek at HookUp!

#erotica #fiftyshades

In the morning, he just couldn’t help it. He was sitting on the chair at the foot of the bed, wrapped in her white fluffy robe, with her scent washing over him as he just kept watching. He had sat there for an hour just looking at her; the mug of coffee in his hand had gone cold as he had got totally caught up in her. She looked beautiful in her sleep: she had lost her immaculate look and her hair was tousled. She had no make-up on. She seemed to have a secret smile on her lips as she slept, he was totally enthralled — this woman was amazing! Her energy knocked him for six, and she was able to make him reach heights he never thought possible. His thoughts returned to last night’s punishment. Not being able to touch her had been torture and he knew it had added pleasure when he was finally released. It was only now he realized she had not used the whip, and that in itself was part of the punishment — he had expected, it wanted it but did not get it. He smiled. The shock was that she had allowed the other woman, her friend, to kiss him! He was mortified to be seen shackled like that, but he was also excited. If nothing else, Macy was very, very good at pleasing him sexually and he loved her more than ever. She opened her eyes just a fraction and saw him watching. Smiling she asked, ‘Any more coffee going?’ He giggled, ‘Yes Mistress.’ Macy burst out laughing. ‘OK boy, get in the kitchen and feed me!’ She threw the cover back to reveal the purple underclothes she’d had on last night. He groaned. She opened her arms and, throwing off her robe, he went back into her arms and they again claimed new heights of passion which left them both breathless. Macy giggled. ‘I thought you were going to do breakfast?’ she teased, and they both walked out to the kitchen to put some food together — they were ravenous. They sat at her table eating eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes, with a full rack of toast, a pot of coffee and an assortment of marmalades. ‘Do you fancy coming away with me next weekend?’ she asked. ‘I’ve got a small cottage on the outskirts of Tenby; it’s very quiet.’ He took no time in replying. ‘Most definitely.’



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