A Short Story from Harvey Jones – Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing

He stood at the door watching as Peter loaded the car with the fishing equipment, the small tent and essentials for the weekend’s fishing trip. Peter was engrossed in his work, meticulously putting everything in its place until he finally looked up, happy with his progress. He saw Jake watching him and smiled a pensive smile. Looking at Jake’s pouting lips and the disinterested look on his face he asked him, “Are you sure you don’t mind me going?”

Jake hated fishing and would sometimes sulk at him for going on a trip, it always gave him a heavy feeling in his chest and his heart would pound at the thought of hurting Jake when he took off for the odd weekend, but he needed the tranquility of time alone even if it was just one day.

Jake shrugged his shoulders, “If it’s what you like doing – I can’t see any fun in throwing a bit of string in a river.” He huffed, he really hated being left alone, it jarred his nerves that Peter needed his own space at times.
Peter sighed, “If you would try it you would see!” he said, and walked up to Jake to hug him goodbye. This was the usual drill if he went fishing, but he needed the break and if Jake was too stubborn to try it that was his own look out. He sighed as he turned to go to the car- he would make it up to Jake soon. “Molly will keep you company, I will text you when I’m set up.”

Jake just frowned. Peter turned back to him, reaching up to the back of his head and grasping a handful of Jake’s golden blond hair in his hand he pulled him forward, kissed him hard on the mouth biting his lip and whispered quietly, “Hey come on its not for long, I’ll be back before you know it.” He broke the kiss and left for the car before he changed his mind.
Peter waved as he got in his car and was soon off on his trip. Jake slammed the door. He hated this but it was what Peter loved and he would put up with it, he was a fishing widow yet again. He sighed as he went to the kitchen to put a solitary meal together for himself. He saw the wine in the fridge and smiled – Peter knew him well – he would enjoy the wine later. He looked at the bottle of chardonnay which had a little note on it, ‘Thank you, enjoy xxxx .’ Jake ran his tongue over his now puffy lips feeling the remnants from Peter’s kiss .

The rest of the afternoon dragged. Jake had taken Molly, his little terrier cross, out for her walk, she was his lifeline when Peter was away- now she was curled by his side on the sofa as he finished his book. He saw his lap top and pulled it onto his lap, opened it and checked his emails and Facebook page. He looked up different things of interest but he felt bored and the wine was now calling him, so getting up he went to the fridge, pulled out the bottle and uncorked it. Pouring a large glass he took a big mouthful and he felt the fresh, cool, crisp wine slide down his throat soothing him and making him feel nice, so taking the bottle with him he sat back down and then checked into his Siren’s hookup site. His user name popped up Sassy201.

He tapped his fingers lightly on the keyboard, he was in two minds about chatting to someone, he felt just a little guilty but he also felt drawn to the screen that flashed in front of him. His phone buzzed making him jump as it vibrated in his trouser pocket. He cursed out loud “Shit!” and fumbling in his pocket he grabbed his phone, his face flushed with guilt for being annoyed with Peter earlier. He read Peter’s text,


He pressed send and looked again at the flashing screen on his laptop where now a chat page had opened the words.


almost screamed at him, he flushed again and felt a surge of excitement that caught him off guard, he sat back down looking at the message it was from Hot 4U..
His fingers tapped the key board,he read the message that he had typed!


He took a large gulp of his wine, pressed send and waited nervously for the reply, it came.


Jake spilt his wine, oh my, he thought, he hadn’t expected that, he smiled as his hand automatically wiped the drips of wine that had splashed down him, and as he brushed the wetness he felt his crotch firm and trembling under his hand, he sighed and unzipped his pants, he typed back quickly,

An hour later Jake sat on the sofa with a huge grin on his face. He had been entertained and had just finished cleaning himself up from his sex chat. He cleared the soiled tissues, removed the used wine glass and pottered about making sure all was spick and span. He whistled to Molly and called to her, “Come on sweetie pie, let’s get you walked before bed.’
He loved evening walks, so bending down to attach the leash to Molly’s collar he ruffled her ears and said, ‘Comeon then!” and left the house with Molly trotting happily beside him.
He walked to the canal and reaching an area of safety for Molly he released her so she could run. His walk was peaceful, it was still fairly light for nine pm. the light nights were just starting to draw in and Molly darted in and out of the shadows that the failing light brought with it.
Molly ran up the tow path stopping to sniff and do her business with Jake close behind her, he cleaned up and disposed of her toiletting pulling a face, “Gee Molly, so much from a little dog eww!” She took no notice, just kept running and sniffing as she went. Jake smiled as he watched her, it was crazy how a dog took your heart.
Calling her back he re-attached her leash and humming to himself he walked back home briskly.
By ten thirty that night he was tucked up in the big double bed with Molly curled up on Peter’s side – she always slept on the bed when he was out fishing. Jake sighed again to himself and muttered , “Bloody fishing!” and saying goodnight to Molly he drifted off into a dreamless sleep
The clanging of the local church bells pulled Jake out of his sleep. Molly was on her back, tail wagging furiously as a hand tickled her belly. Jake jumped, startled by the hand he saw, “Shit!” he shouted, then realising that Peter was in the room he settled back into the pillow.

“Hey babe you frightened the life out of me!” he chuckled then reaching for Molly”s head and rubbing it he carried on, “You’re no good as a guard dog sweetie, you’re supposed to warn me,” but Molly took no notice, she was too engrossed in her tummy rub.

“Catch anything?” Jake asked.

Peter looked at him, “All in the freezer.”

Jake looked at peter and licked his lips, “Don’t I get a kiss?” he pouted.

Peter laughed and bent down to kiss his lips slowly and firmly before he invaded Jake’s mouth with his tongue. Jake groaned as Peter pulled away.
Peter moved to the bedroom door to grab hold of a bag he had dropped and coming back into the room he sat on the edge of the bed and put his hand into the bag.

Jake was intrigued, “What have you got there?” he asked with excitement. Slowly Peter pulled out the thick rope that was coiled in the bag.

“Oh!” was all jake said, blushing furiously as he looked at the rope.

Peter laughed, “Yes -oh indeed!- shall we carry on from where we left off last night with our little chat on line?”
Jake just smiled at Peter, Hot4u was home to play.

Copyright Harvey Jones







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