Another short story – SHOES #erotic #fiftyshades

Josh sat at the table browsing for shoes on his laptop. He was mesmerised by each individual shoe he saw and his fingers touched the screen as he groaned with desire. Oh God he sighed at a particular pair of black six inch stilettos – he felt himself stiffen and he rubbed his crotch, he couldn’t help it, he just loved shoes.

His wife Cindy walked in, ‘Oh Josh!’ she giggled as she saw the shoes. He looked up at her shrugging his shoulders, ‘You would look great in these,’ he whispered. She giggled again – his fetish for shoes almost matched her love of wearing them.

She sat on his lap feeling his hardness under her and she smiled and ground her bottom into him. He hardened. She ignored his protests as she deleted the page on the laptop and typed in ‘Sirens Hotel’ The page sprang to life on the screen and she moved slowly off his lap and went behind him. Bending her head to his ear she whispered, ‘Have a look on here, one of the girls at work told me about it. It’s exclusive, supposed to be really good and only members can use it so we would have to join. See what you think.’

Cindy left Josh to look hoping he’d go for it – there were a few things she would like to try! She laughed to herself, after all there was more than shoes to get excited about.

Josh looked at the site his wife had put on the screen. He was intrigued; a hotel for fetishes exclusive to members. There were pictures of people dressed in a variety of costumes, pictures of some themed rooms and as he looked a chat box opened.

This is the countess Macy can I help you?

Josh replied , Hi I’m just looking.

That’s ok, do you have a fetish you enjoy?

Josh was taken aback Wow! he thought and typed Umm yes, shoes, but only with my wife.

The reply shocked him, That’s good, and what does she like?

Josh was stumped, Oh god what does she like?he thought, and suddenly realized and understood why Cindy had put this site up, he had been so selfish. He replied, I don’t know.

The Countess replied, Well you had better find out!

Josh called Cindy back into the room.

‘Hey hunni is it interesting? she asked.

He pulled her onto his lap, ‘ I’m sorry baby I didn’t realise.’ She smiled and kissed him, she had read the chat on the screen.

Josh sighed, ‘So come on, what do you like – have you any secret fantasies?’

Cindy smiled and turned to the laptop and typed Hi I’m the wife, I would love to dress as a pole dancer and dance and have money slipped into my pants.

Josh gasped, ‘Oh god Cindy would you really? You would be so hot!’

She giggled, ‘Yes and I could wear those shoes!’

That did it for Josh. He typed How do we join?

The reply came explaining all about the membership rules and, of course ,the form to fill in. They both looked it over and Cindy smiled, ‘Well shall we?’ Josh nodded and filled in the on-line forms. They would have to get sexual health checks before they could use any of the rooms but he paid for them both to become members. Excitement coursed through his body as he went to the kitchen where Cindy had gone. She was washing dishes, she smiled and before she could react Josh took her mouth in a hard searing kiss. Her knees buckled and Josh picked her up and sat her on the kitchen unit. He ravished her neck in kisses and bites. Undoing her blouse he buried his head in her breasts as she clawed his back with her nails. She gasped, this was what she wanted, she had got through to him. His hands snaked up her thighs and he was pleased to find her bare – so wet for him, so ready. He unzipped his trousers and his hardness sprang to life. He pulled her forwards and took her with a passion that had eluded them for the last few years. Cindy screamed at him, ‘Harder! Please god harder!’ And he obliged. He rode his wife until they both came in a shattering orgasm that left them breathlessly clinging to each other with hearts hammering.

Cindy giggled as she caught her breath. ‘Oh wow!’she said.

He smiled, ‘ I do love you you know.’

She kissed him, ‘I know, I love you too.’

Josh blushed, ‘I’ve made us members.’

Cindy grinned at him – ohh this could be exciting!

Josh held his wife close that night as they revelled in their renewed passion. Cindy had cried in his arms as she told him that she had thought he had gone off her as she found his taste for shoes had surpassed her. He had struggled with his emotions as he realised how she had felt and he told her and showed her just exactly how he felt.

The following morning they went for health checks and Josh then went onto the Sirens website and booked a room for them, giving the details of what they would like. He felt aroused just by doing this and excitement rushed through his veins. He would tell Cindy later, but first he wanted to do something for her, so he arranged a night out at the restaurant where they had gone on their first date.
Cindy was overjoyed by her husbands new found lust for her. She looked at herself in the mirror, she was still slender after all these years; the three children had kept her fit and at 42 she was not bad. The red dress she wore clung seductively around her curves, the heels she wore would be a show stopper for Josh. She smiled at her reflection, her blond hair shone. She touched up her red lips with the lip gloss making her mouth shimmer – she was ready for their night out, it had been years since they did anything special for themselves. She trembled in anticipation.

Downstairs Josh looked up and gasped at the vision in front of him – then he saw her shoes. He grinned and looked up to her face, ‘You look stunning!’ he said.

She blushed, ‘So do you.’ He took her hand on the lower stairs to help her. She looked him over; his hair was a little greyer but it was still fairly dark. He was broad in the shoulders and fit from his running. His face was rough with a slight stubble which she liked and his clothes fitted him well, showing off his manly physique. He kissed her cheek and the handsome couple went out to the waiting taxi.

The next couple of weeks flew by. They had their tests back and everything was clear, the hotel was informed and Josh booked a night for them for the following weekend on the Saturday. Cindy arranged for the children to stay with her parents for the weekend and they were both highly excited – Cindy felt like a teenager, she could not wait for the weekend.

The drive to the hotel was intense. Cindy was nervous and excited by the thought of pole dancing and her stomach tightened with nervous tension, her hands trembled. Josh was also nervous, this was new territory for them both. They pulled into the lane that led to the hotel and slowed down to marvel at the statues and figures in the garden. The hotel itself shone with violet lights and looked impressive. They parked and got out of the car, Josh grabbed their bag and took Cindy’s hand, ‘Come on, lets go and see!’

The foyer was outstanding in black and gold marble. They went to the reception desk and a man popped up from behind the desk, ‘Oh hi,’ said Tobias, ‘Can I help you?’ Tobias looked at the couple then said, ‘Oh my god is that you Josh? Well its been a long time!’

Josh was taken aback. He had not seen Tobias in years, at least ten if not more. He shook his hand and introduced Cindy. Tobias came round the desk and hugged her, ‘Well well,’ he said, ‘ so why are you here?’

Cindy blushed but Tobias winked at her, ‘ It’s ok don’t worry.’ As he looked past them both they saw his face light up, ‘Ah Countess, may I introduce Josh, an old friend and his wife Cindy.’ The Countess floated towards them oozing an incredible amount of sex appeal and embraced them both with a warmth that shocked them. Then smiling at Tobias she lent in to kiss him. Tobias grinned and said proudly to the couple, ‘This is my wife Macy or The Countess.’

Before either could say anything The Countess took control. ‘Right Tobias take Josh to the bar and catch up,’ and taking Cindy by the arm she said, ‘You my dear are to come with me,’ and Cindy did not dare argue.

Josh settled by the bar with Tobias. He looked around, it was fairly busy with an excited atmosphere. His heart quickened in his own excitement. The bar itself was very wide and as he looked he saw the silver poles that were evenly spaced on the bar, there were three of them. He drank some of the whisky Tobias had got him, it burned down his throat to his stomach. Suddenly the background music changed, the beat of drums quickened his already fast beating heart, lights changed and a cheer went up as someone slid down the first pole.

The image was outstanding. She looked like Zena the Warrior Princess with long black curly hair, a sleek well toned body, tattoos on all her limbs and straps that curled seductively around her upper arms and her lower legs. She looked ferocious and beautiful and swung her body round the pole like she was fighting demons. She gyrated her hips in rhythm to the music, she held everyone’s gaze as money was slipped into her breast plate which held her breasts firmly, pushing them into plump mounds of flesh. Also anyone who was lucky enough slipped their money into her leather pants. She finished her dance with a summersault off the pole onto the bar were she did the splits. Everyone cheered and clapped and Tobias went to help her down off the bar.

Josh was amazed, he had never seen anything like it. The music changed again and this time to his right another dancer slid down a pole. She was blond and dressed in the deepest purple and black he had ever seen. Her bra held her breasts firmly as she turned herself upside down on the pole. Her pants were small to say the least, you could see her bottom cheeks as she twerked to the beat of the music. She became one with the pole as she made love to it. People screamed encouragement and showered her with money. She ended her dance with a frenzy of twerks and shakes to the delight of the audience, again Tobias helped her down.

Josh was aroused, he could not help it. He watched nervously then the spot light was on the pole in front of him. He watched avidly as a woman slid slowly and gracefully down the pole in front of him. She was dressed in a scarlet red basque trimmed with black lace, her panties matched and her legs were encased in sleek black stockings that shone in the light and her shoes – Oh god! – he thought, her shoes! – it was Cindy, his wife. He was right, she did look good in those shoes. He watched her as she curled herself round the pole in slow purposeful movements; he was mesmerised as she twisted and twirled in rhythm to the music which increased its tempo as she danced. The floor under her feet was paved with money. She finally came to an end with a spectacular show of the splits on the bar. Tobias stood up and took her by the waist to lift her down. He held her hand as she stood on one leg and placed her shoed foot on her husbands crotch. She smiled, caressing him with her foot – he felt huge under her. Josh groaned as she leant forward and gave him a key. He pulled her down onto his lap and kissed her savagely, he was so inflamed. Cindy kissed him back in equal hunger. He stood up with her still in his arms and left the bar. They got in the lift and he took her there and then – he could not wait any longer. Cindy relished his urgency, she was locked round him as he thrust himself into her deeply. She screamed her pleasure as she came with a force that left her breathless. He kissed her over and over murmering his love for her, and they almost fell out of the lift as the doors opened, making them giggle. They found their room and when they walked in it was magical! There was an array of shoes for Josh and her and outfits galore, but they didn’t need them, not tonight, they had found each other.

Cindy made a mental note to phone Jane, the first pole dancer, her divorce solicitor – she didn’t think she would be needed now, but she would thank her for introducing her to Sirens.

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A fab 5* review on Amazon!

5.0 out of 5 stars Fast, enjoyable read, with relevant social themes!, May 2, 2016
By Jacqueline Simon Gunn
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This review is from: Legacies (Kindle Edition)
Having read “Hook Up,” I enjoyed reading more about Macy and Tobias’ relationship as it evolved in the sequel. This book also goes into Emma’s background. There is sex, drama and intrigue throughout the narrative, all making “Legacies” a thoroughly fun and fast read. Like it’s predecessor, “Legacies” delves into important social issues – very relevant and needed at this time – teaching tolerance and acceptance, while also telling an interesting story. I highly recommend this book; it comes at a time when education and appreciation of alternative lifestyles is particularly significant and necessary.