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Hook Up
by Harvey Jones
Romance – Sizzle
86 Pages
Reviewed on 03/16/2016

Book Review
Reviewed by Tracy A. Fischer for Readers’ Favorite

An extremely hot romance, Hook Up by author Harvey Jones follows the story of Macy, a character driven to explore her innermost sexual desires. When she hooks up with Tobias, a young architect who is also ready to find what he thinks has been missing in his life, they journey together through a world of gender fluidity, S&M, and much more, allowing them to experience all that the world has to offer them. Entering a community they had no idea existed, and meeting a group of people who are truly wiling to accept others as they are, Macy and Tobias are treated to sensual delights beyond what they could ever have hoped for.

I very much enjoyed Hook Up. Author Harvey Jones has created very intriguing characters and a story line that is hot, hot, hot! Taking his readers on a journey they won’t soon forget, this story teller has done a great job in presenting a world that many might only have heard about in a way that is both sexy and sympathetic. Any reader who enjoys a steamy, sexy romance, with a great deal of what some would call kink, should absolutely read Hook Up. I highly recommend Hook Up and look forward to reading more from the very talented author Harvey Jones as soon as possible. It would be great if the author could develop this book into a series of some sort, perhaps developing the stories of some of the more interesting minor characters along the way. If a follow up is anything like Hook Up, it would definitely go on the must-read list.