An Italian Experience




I had forgotten how this felt, sitting in my seat listening to the roar the of the engines. Adrenaline coursed throughout my body as the plane sped down the runway – we were off ! With a surge the plane left the ground and we were up above the billowing clouds that looked just like cotton candy.

How I loved to fly! It had been ten years since my last flight and now here I was looking out of the small window at the amazing sights of the alps. The magnificent mountains rose high above the clouds showing off their snowy white dusty peaks with bright green icy pools of water.

I sighed with nervous excitement, I would be landing soon in Milan and meeting a fellow author for the first time, Miss Charlotte Hains, writer of Introducing Charlotte. After landing and making my way though the enormous airport I found my luggage and headed for the exit to find my host waiting for me. Miss Hains was lovely and before long we were like old friends and I was sitting in the car with her and her partner driving to a surprise destination.

After an hour or so we rounded a corner and – oh my – what a sight! There in front of my eyes was the majestic sight of Lake Garda, and what a beautiful sight it was too. We were staying here for five days and it felt like heaven on Earth; we had an apartment that looked over the lake and mountains, it was idyllic.
The first night we were blessed by monks singing in the small church near us, the mountains gave an incredible acoustic sound. The second night gave us a laser show of an electrical storm with flash lightning bouncing across the lake.

We visited different parts of the lake each day with Limone being one of my favorite places, it was stunning – and I had the joy of meeting Pinocchio!
We bathed in the lake and in a thermal spa which was a fantastic experience, as was the boat trip across the lake. I will never forget the sounds of the cicadas, a constant chirping which got louder as the day got hotter.

Everything about lake Garda was just enchanting: the people, the food and the sights and, of course, my charming hosts. It was a sad day to leave this place but it was time to travel to Parma where my friends lived.
Parma was another great place, the architecture was outstanding, but my oh my it was hot – 36 degrees with 80% humidity – it was hard work. A trip to the market was planned and a coffee in Garibaldi square was a must.

I have to say Italy was a delight and I will return. There are many places there I must see so I have plans for another trip in cooler weather so I can enjoy the sights of Venice, Verona and Florence, I can’t wait.
My heartfelt thanks to Charlotte for inviting me over, you made me so very welcome and so happy.

After the earthquakes in Italy Harvey Jones would like to send heartfelt thoughts and prayers.