Charity begins with YOU at Home!



What can I say? I woke from a dream where I was cold, covered in snow and in a doorway. This is so far from my real life, but sadly a reality for far too many people in this day and age.
This dream has played on my mind all morning, I took Connie out to walk in the fields and the cold chill of the winds kept pricking at my conscience; what can I do, how can I help some of these poor people?
Going home after visiting a friend where we drank a nice cup of tea in a warm house I decided I must do something. Until now I never realised just how fortunate I really am – and that grieved me.
Well I took the bull by the horns so to speak and rang a local homeless shelter. What did they need and how could I help in some small way? They told me that blankets and sleeping bags were a godsend so hanging up the phone I dived into my walk-in wardrobe.
An hour later with six pillows, a duvet and covers, three sleeping bags and some very thick jumpers I don’t use, I found myself on the way to the shelter to donate items that are of no use to me stuffed in a wardrobe, but are a possible life saver to someone who needs them.
So all my fellow friends and followers take a look in your glory holes. What have you got that would be a godsend to someone who really needs it as it’s cold now and with winter around the corner – and a harsh one is forecast – give a little , it will warm you in a way you would not think possible.