Time Counts



So we have a beautiful frosty morning this bank holiday, and I’m off to work. I blow on my fingers to warm then after scraping the ice off the car’s windscreen.
It’s nice to see the lighter morning today, the last few have been dark and damp requiring headlights to be full on, but today I don’t need them and this in itself makes me smile.
I head off to do my calls with the roads fairly quiet due to a bank holiday – yes I’d like to have stayed in bed, but some jobs don’t stop just because it’s a holiday day. I do appreciate all those who work in all sectors of care or those whose jobs need to be done no matter what the date.


It strikes me as I drive to various calls the number of people I see on mobiles; wow how these gadgets are taking over our lives! A parent talks rapidly down her phone as her child lies on the floor having fallen off her scooter, she is completely unaware. A dog walker texting as his dog does its business, oblivious to his dogs action and so leaving the mess for someone to step in. Then the drivers – gee it’s incredible, so many are driving and on their phones, it’s unreal, so dangerous – but it seems no one cares.
Is this our society now? Is this what we’ve become? Can we change our ways and start noticing our children, pets and other people? Can we? This is a question I ask myself frequently now, have we become too advanced with technology and forgetting what is really important?

Take yourself, how much time do you spend on your phone talking, playing games or just going on Facebook? Time yourself, go on, check how much time you’re losing out on with the important things in your life, you might just surprise yourself.