Come with me as I take a stroll along the costal path and woods. I’m taking my faithful companion Connie, my German shepherd, it is definitely a stroll as I’m not able to go as quickly as I used to with my artificial knee and the old arthritis. I have to laugh as Connie is the same as she hobbles along in front sniffing the new wondrous smells that assault her now greying snout.
We see the first amazing signs of spring snowdrops, they are beautiful dancing gaily in the breeze as white as snow under the shelter of the trees.

Connie continues to snuffle around as I spy crocus, a dark shade of yellow just opening to the pale spring sun. They too are under the trees and as I look up I see the new buds just starting to form here and there. There are a few hanging catkins swaying gently back and forth.

We wander on and come to the path that leads to the sea, our favourite place, the Old Harbour with its pebbles on the top part of the beach leading to the coarse sands.

Connie is now only interested in her ball; I throw it with the ball chucker and she runs fairly well to retrieve it. As she trots back she paddles in the small stream that runs to the sea, she loves it so much here splashing about and then lying down in the icy water, I smile – rather her than me!


I sit on a low wall recovering my breath and she lies beside me panting with a lop-sided grin and her tongue hanging out. I scratch her head and talk my usual nonsense to her as if she understands every word I say – between you and me I’m sure she does.
Even with the sun shining it’s still a tad nippy but it’s just too nice to return. I watch the sparrows pairing up singing their love songs to attract their mate. There is a blackbird in a tree puffed out and trilling to his heart’s content calling for love, the sound of the birds singing is wonderful and puts a warm glow into my heart.
As I return to the car smiling I see daffodils, they are early and they stand to attention, proud heads up looking at the spring sun. I sigh, yes, the winter is coming to an end.

Ruffling Connie’s ears I let her into the car with a helping lift from me, I laugh at her comical expression, yes it’s time to go home and warm up on the outside because for sure what we have seen has certainly warmed the inside