An Interview With Author Kelly Duggan


advance trilogy

Welcome to this month’s author, we have the lovely Kelly Duggan with us today.

Harvey Jones
Hi! What is your preferred genre when writing?

Kelly Duggan
I don’t have a preference, I write whatever pops into my head and don’t want to be held back by sticking to just one genre; weirdly, though I’ve discovered that I can’t write without a romance in the story somewhere.

Harvey Jones
Which of your books has made the biggest impression on you?

Kelly Duggan
It’s the one I’m currently writing which is called Can’t fix Crazy. I think the title says it all lol. This story has taken me in a million different directions and completely taken on a life of its own. It’s darker and more emotional than my previous work but it tackles some serious issues so that’s to be expected. It’s been both cathartic and draining.

Harvey Jones
Do you have a muse that helps you write?

No, I really don’t. I wish I did, it would really help for when I hit that brick wall.

Harvey Jones
Do you have any particular author that inspired you, if so who and what book got your writing juices flowing ?

Kelly Duggan
Truthfully, there wasn’t anyone in particular. I’ve always been a bookworm from a young age, I’d devour any book I could from historical romance to crime, thrillers and true stories, I think reading such an eclectic mix or genres helped to get my creativity going.

Harvey Jones
Do you have any hobbies ?

Kelly Duggan
I’m really quite boring. I don’t watch t.v. (hardly, anyway), I read when I get chance, write and spend an unhealthy amount of time on social media under the pretence of promoting. I collect pretty shoes that never get worn – does that count?


Harvey Jones
What are you working on now – can we have a sneaky peek?

Kelly Duggan
I’m working on two completely different projects at the moment. Here’s a little excerpt from my as yet untitled one:


“Do you have a tendency for sleepwalking at all?”
I bury myself beneath the covers, I’ll never shake the hue of embarrassment that floods my entire body. Avoidance is all I can rely on. I’ll hide until the problem goes away. Hiding. In Ash’s bed. Naked.
“You know, Fliss, you’ve got some nerve presuming I did something wrong. I’m the innocent that was molested while I slept.
Yep I’m never coming out. I’ll just die here slowly, painfully.
The covers are yanked from my death grip and my face exposed. “No point hiding now. I’ve seen all there is to see.” He smirks.
“Oh God. What did we do?”
“We?! Let’s get something straight right now. If something had happened, you’d most definitely remember.”
“So, we… we never…” I gulp when he just stares at me as I struggle to say the words so I change direction instead “What did I do, Ash?”
“Let’s see. I woke up to my naked roommate leaning over me as if she was ready to smother me, when I tried to cover up your modesty you shrieked at me like a banshee and then proceeded to try and rescue me from my evidently killer bed. You’re quite strong, Fliss.” He takes a sip from the mug “I guess you could say you wrestled me to the ground, then covered me with your body…” he air quotes with his fingers “… to save me. From what, you wouldn’t say. Then you climbed into my bed and started snoring.”
“I do not snore!”
“Really? Out of all I just said you’re going to protest over snoring?” he chuckles.


Harvey Jones
What would you say is the most important thing about your writing and what advice would you give a new writer?

Kelly Duggan
I just want readers to enjoy what they read, not everyone will, I know that but knowing that just one person enjoyed something I created makes all the self-doubt worth it. I’m not too good with the advice but here goes – take the plunge, don’t be held back by insecurity, we all have it and struggle to overcome it but this world is so supportive of one another. Build up a network – they’re invaluable when it comes to promoting etc.


Harvey Jones
If you could meet a famous writer who would you most like to meet?

Kelly Duggan
Ooh, that’s a hard one! I think probably Dean Koontz. I’ve been fascinated by his stories for far too long. I imagine a conversation with him would be way different to what I’d expect.

Harvey Jones
Thanks Kelly ,we wish you happiness and success with your work.

Kelly Duggan
Thank you so much !


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